Hey there! I’m
Rohan Chakraborty.
I’m a frontend developer focused on crafting beautiful and engaging experiences.

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I built my first app during the vacation after my 10th boards. We had recently installed a broadband connection, and I used to often download movies and games from torrent. One day I thought, what if I can automate this whole process?

After a few days of googling, I realised I could do a lot more with my Java skills than just print patterns. It took me another week to finish the program.

The Java program was very bare-bones, with a lot of copied code, but it worked. The user had to enter a movie title, the program would then scrape a few torrent sites, download the .torrent file for the top result, and open it using a dedicated torrent client. I was overjoyed when the program worked for the first time. Suddenly, a whole new universe of possibilities opened up in front of me, and I was hooked.

Since then, I've developed various stuff, mostly to solve my own problems. I gradually transitioned to frontend development and have been learning ever since.

My current proficiency is in HTML, CSS , Javascript and React. I am currently exploring React and it's various frameworks.

Apart from this, I love drinking chai, watching anime and occasionally drawing.

Available for interesting opportunities